Founder, Visual Storyteller & Dreamer

contact: brenda@wanderingbostoneater.com

contact: brenda@wanderingbostoneater.com

Hello! I’m Brenda. Since high school, I would think about how food brings people together. I used to host “dinner parties” and coordinate potlucks with friends, bringing classmates to eat something delicious together.

Aiming to understand more about people and culture, food is a catalyst to learn the stories of those around me. I travel to eat and explore, and I want to share my findings through my photos, my words, on various forms of social media.

When I am not eating and exploring, I am working at a pharmaceutical company to manage clinical trial supply chain. I know what you are thinking: what a drastic difference! It is possible to have multiple passions in life, just keep on pursuing and believing.





Food & Travel Contributor


Hi! I’m Julie. I’m an honest & hungry explorer of my backyard, the world and occasionally the kitchen in between my day job as a super planner (aka executive assistant) and as wifey/friend/sister & daughter!

As a full time millennial worker bee, I’ve got to be resourceful in how I manage my money, calories and free time through

  • cooking at home to balance out those street tacos & multi-course tastings

  • the occasional date night in to save for those awesome trips & wine purchases and

  • connecting with the genuine people in my life through the weekenders & long-haul adventures i organize

Everyone I meet has and continues to inspire my next plan...and “I love it when a plan comes together.” colonel john “hannibal” smith, The A-Team. (1983) 

contact: julie@wanderingbostoneater.com

contact: julie@wanderingbostoneater.com