[Sponsored] Amtrak Downeaster: Explore More, Drive Less

Heading to the Amtrak Downeaster

I used to take the train all the time for college. I would go to North Station every day for four years and would always see trains that looked different than the more commonly found commuter rails at each track – and that’s because the Amtrak Downeaster is different than the commuter rail – it can actually take you out of the state from Boston fairly easily! 

My sister and I took the Amtrak Downeaster to go to Portland on a Friday afternoon before the weekend rush. Since we were leaving during the 1 PM hour on a Friday, we wanted to be sure that we were not going to hit traffic, and fortunately, Amtrak Downeaster provided me a traffic-free way to head into Portland.

$20 Worth of Snacks on Amtrak Downeaster

While on the train, I connected to the wi-fi to get some work done. It was a bit spotty, but it did the job (and I got to do my job, so win-win I would say)! After working (and working), my sister and I wanted a little snack, so we went to the café cart.

If you are wondering what twenty dollars can get you on the café cart, wonder no more – my sister and I did that for you! With twenty dollars, we got two cheese pizza slices, two deep river chips (the horseradish cheddar flavor is trash in my opinion – we were appealed by the cheddar aspect, because cheese, but all I could taste was horseradish, blegh), one Lara Bar, one pack of Trident gum, two bags of M&Ms, and a bottle of water. That’s a decent food haul, if I do say so myself.

It’s past Daylight Savings, which means the sun sets early. The scenic views on the train paired with the setting sun made for a great visual on the train – I could easily stare out the window and be mesmerized. 

I told myself after taking the train to and from Boston for college that I would not want to take the train anymore, but this experience reminded me that I can go to some amazing places outside of Boston without needing to drive. I’ll probably do that, and next time, I can book my tickets online, too. #winning

This post was written in paid collaboration with Amtrak Downeaster. To learn more about Amtrak, visit www.amtrakdowneaster.com