I Hosted a Food Photo Workshop!

Yesterday, I hosted two sessions for my first smartphone food photography workshop. This was an educational experience, not only for those who attended the workshop, but also for myself. I have a fear of public speaking, and I often try to put myself in a position where I can further my speaking capabilities, condition myself to avoid stuttering or talking too fast, pronouncing my words incorrectly, and running a tangent.

During this hour and a half workshop, I broke up the session into five parts:

  1. How to maximize smartphone camera usage
  2. Rule of Thirds
  3. Lighting
  4. Angles
  5. Single food dish versus group food dishes

The group was intimate, with about ten people per workshop, with an array of demographic of people who wanted to learn how to take that 'grammable photo of food. Technology is ingrained in our modern day culture, it was a great way to show and demonstrate how to maximize the capabilities of the technology in our own pockets.

As I paced through each of the topic, I mixed interactive experiences in between each portion of the workshop, while having side conversations with attendees. Learning about how people heard about the workshop, or why they were there was a demonstration of the power of social media in and of itself. Some saw on my page, some saw on another newsletter, some came because of work, some wanted to maximize personal skill sets to up the Insta game.

I was asked by several people if I would do another workshop, possibly focusing on how to edit photos specifically this time. I did not touch upon this during the food photography workshop - editing is a beast in and of itself.

Perhaps I will have a series of workshops popping up down the line (is anyone interested in hosting me). Nonetheless, thank you for the support, and I hope those who attended learned from me as much as I did from the entire experience.