I am Wandering Boston Eater, and I am an eater, a dreamer, a visual storyteller.

Brenda Nguyen, Founder & Content Creator: 
When I started Wandering Boston Eater in 2016, I had two thoughts in mind:

  1. I want to start writing again
  2. Food is great

During my tenure in college, dining in restaurants was the primary way I spent my time with friends as we were all commuter students without a dorm or apartment to spend our time. I have always documented my journey through photos, sketches, words - remember Xanga? I was @lovesporks on that site - some considered me a "Xangalebrity" after I wrote an article about being a short Asian girl in a upper-middle class suburban community when I was sixteen. I had a collection of food photos I had taken on my iPhone 5 at the time from my constant need to document my life, and I knew that if I were to write again, I had to build an audience.

Hello Instagram.

I started the account as a test to see if I had the capability of gaining an audience through my food photos snapped on my phone. My account started as @bostoninmymouth because I thought I was hilarious (and clearly quite crass). I started gaining traction, I thought, "oh , I can't introduce myself as Boston in my Mouth." I had a number of trips planned for the year of 2016, and decided that I was going to allow myself the opportunity to talk about my travels, my adventures, my foodventures. I was traveling one  bite at a time. I was the Wandering Boston Eater.

Full-time, I manage Clinical Trial Supply Chain at a pharmaceutical company. I wanted to elevate my voice in my posts and begin to capture a more holistic picture beyond my experiences at restaurants, beyond the photo of food. September 2017, I began working the host stand at PAGU in Cambridge, MA three to five days a week after my day job. Working in operations in my day-to-day role allowed me to parallel the operations within a restaurant at a smaller scale. Come January 2018, I became the Media Manager at PAGU alongside with my role as Sr. Specialist of Clinical Trial Materials at the pharmaceutical company.

As of June 2018, I left PAGU to re-shift the focus back on my full-time role, as well as Wandering Boston Eater projects. Since leaving PAGU, I went on a road trip driving from Seattle to Los Angeles, with many more foodventures to come.

I often get asked if I will transition to doing media marketing for pharmaceuticals, but I don't see why I have to combine both of these paths. I love what I do in the two realms that is pharmaceutical and food media, and as long as I do not have to choose, I'm going to continue executing both to the best of my abilities.

I have been told I am ambitious, but I dream of communicating my stories and experiences, as well as the stories of others. I am bringing these dreams into reality.