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I Drank Around the World at Epcot

I Drank Around the World at Epcot

One day. Two people. Six Hours. Eleven countries. Twenty-four drinks. Challenge accepted.

I mentioned previously that I went to Orlando, and briefly recapped my time at Universal Studios and how my friend Lauren and I got stuck on a ride at Harry Potter World. The reason we decided to go to Florida in May was specifically to drink around the world at Epcot.

With that, we woke up early to get to the park and through security at 11 AM to begin drinking around the world at 12 PM when all of the countries opened.

We took a left at the entrance of the World Showcase, and then we began our worldly journey in Mexico. Lauren and I had one rule: we each drink our own drinks and won't share a drink until we really can't drink anymore. This seemed like we were gluttons for punishment, or we just wanted to live our best daydrinking lives in our 20's while we can. Either way, this seemed like a daunting task, but turns out, it wasn't as hard as we thought... at first.

You will probably want to check out the Instagram story highlight on my profile from our experience drinking in Epcot. There are some funny bloopers and moments with Lauren and me.

Notable highlights in the first five (technically four) countries: There is a drop at the end of the Frozen Ever After ride in Norway. In the Instagram story video, you can hear Lauren and me being surprised and screaming on our way down. The Outpost is technically not a country, as it is "Africa" and is not listed on the World Map distinctly (you can see a small white box, but it isn't treated like its own country pit-stop), and for some reason, Lauren and I thought we were in Morocco. We consider "The Outpost" honorary country 12.

By the time we were in Germany and on our fifth drink, it started sprinkling outside, but nothing we couldn't handle. We were feeling pretty good, got a snack with bratwurst, and carried onto Italy where we got even more food. What makes for a successful day of drinking around the world: having a sufficient amount of carbs to absorb the alcohol!

We got to America, and saw that the drinks were $4! There was no way! We were amazed at how cheap the drinks were, until we realized they were half-pours. I guess Disney wanted to make sure people would be alive after the half-way point of drinking around the world. That's right folks, we are HALF WAY. Six and a half drinks later, we walked around the shops in Japan.

As we were inside the shop in Japan, we saw that it was raining cats and dogs! We grabbed a poncho (poncho over umbrella, the winds were ridiculous, it wasn't worth an umbrella!) each, and darted to the sake cart across the shop. We took shelter inside of the sake cart, but were still soaked regardless. We doubled up on drinks here, and ended up getting two glasses of sake each! Lauren struggled with her sake, but she powered on with her drinks nonetheless.

After Japan, since we doubled up on drinks, we were at 8.5 drinks each at this point, and it was 3 PM. We decided that once we got to real Morocco, we would share a drink.


At this point, the rain didn't let up. We were cold, walking in the rain, drinking, trying to find shelter, eating, and struggled to make it to the end. After our half drinks in Morocco (this is now 9 drinks each), we went to France, where we indulged in some dessert, getting a chocolate macaron and a frose (first frose of the season)! I almost wanted to skip the UK, but Lauren would't let me. We grabbed corned beef and an ale, sat in the rain, and grabbed poutine in Canada. There was a visual, round theater movie we stopped into in Canada, at which point I seriously struggled. I was sitting on the floor in the theater and didn't want to get up, I was so tired from drinking all day and being in the rain for a few hours. I dropped my phone and shattered the screen (wahhh), but then we got our final beer: the Molson.

Just like that, we each had twelve drinks in six hours, and we successfully drank around the world.

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