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We Made Dumplings at Mei Mei!

We Made Dumplings at Mei Mei!

I was invited to check out a dumpling making class at Mei Mei Restaurant, and had my friends and cousin join me for the experience. I met Irene and Mei previously when I was working at PAGU and prepping for the Women's Day event back in March, but this time, I had the opportunity to see the sisters together in action.

The class began with some snacks provided by the Mei Mei team, and then an introduction to the items in front of us, including the ingredients of our first dumpling filling alongside with the pre-made dumplings wraps. Irene explained how, at some point, Mei Mei would like to be at a point where they are able to make their own dumpling wrappers for each of their dumplings, but at this point, they, too, utilize the pre-made wraps to maximize time and efficiency. (They have a ten-year plan on where Mei Mei is headed, give them a chat about it sometime!)

We received a sheet with the various dumpling folds, but first, we needed to mix the dumpling filling all together. My cousin mixed everything with her hand (but you are also given a spatula if you'd rather mix that way), and then we learned the dumpling folds!

While we were going through the various folds for the dumplings, Irene and Mei demonstrated how to cook the dumplings (steamed or pan-fried), demonstrated utilizing house-made dumpling wrap, and also how to use your leftover house-made dumpling wrap (hello scallion pancakes)! 

A big takeaway from this class was the focus of how the dumpling fillings can be a great way to clear your fridge to reduce food waste, and how to maximize what you have in your household to create delicious, comforting meals.

Dumpling Filling Ingredients & Wrapper

Best of all, while we were making these dumplings, the Mei Mei kitchen also cooked our dumplings to sample and eat! We made two different types of dumplings, and the Mei Mei team wrapped the remaining dumplings for us to bring home and cook ourselves.

Check out the video recap below (I'm deciding if I want to be more committed in the idea of vlogging) of my dumpling making class experience.

Many thanks to Irene and Mei for hosting us. There are several other dumpling classes available in the future, make sure you check out their Eventbrite page [link] for the schedule.

Irene and Mei

Mei Mei Restaurant
506 Park Drive
Boston, MA 02215
(857) 250-4959

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